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List of Kyrgyz festivals organized by KCBTA for 2012


Son-Kul Clean-up - Ecological Action

Son Kul is a beautiful mountain lake set in a treeless plateau ringed by mountain peaks, in the Central Tien Shan Mountains, which is popular with trekkers and horse riders. A number of yurt camps provide accommodation throughout the summer where travellers can stay with shepherd families who have brought their livestock up to the high mountain pastures (jailoo), to graze on the lush grass. However, it is inaccessible for most of the winter, and the local CBT group organizes an ecological action, a clean-up, to prepare the site for the coming season.
As well as the "cleaning-up", they turn the event into a real festive occasion, organizing national games ( arkan tartmai, jooluk tashtamai and others), a folklore show, demonstrations of creating national felt and woven fabrics; traditional aytish or song contests, and a bonfire.
Venue: Son-Kul lake (northern coast, 100km from Kochkor village)
Date: July 21-22, Saturday, Sunday


A Festival of Kyrgyz Rites and Traditions

Amongst the highlights will be demonstration of Kyrgyz traditions and rites associated with growing up (such as: Beshik-Toi - when a new born baby is placed in the cradle, and Tushoo-Toi - "cutting the binds", traditionally heldto celebrate a baby's first steps - although in modern society it is usually help on the child's first birthday),
There will be an opportunity to taste traditional Kyrgyz dishes together with the opportunity to participate in their preparation, as well traditional music and national games.
Also, there will be an exhibition and sale of souvenirs.
Venue: Karool-Dobo village, in the Chon-Kemin valley
Date: July 28, Sunday


"Kyrgyz Kochu" festival

The traditional nomadic lifestyle involved annual migration from the lowlands to the high mountain pastures, (jailoo), at the start of summer followed by the return to the lowland plans in the autumn. Kyrgyz Kochu commemorates the rituals and routine involved in the autumn journey, from striking camp
There will be demonstrations of traditional games such as Er-Enish, Kyz Kuumai, Tiyin Enmei; a folklore show, and Kyrgyz cuisine.
Venue: On the southern shore of Son-Kul Lake
Date: August 11, Saturday


Hunting birds festival

Hunting with eagles was an important part of nomadic life and culture, and although many Kyrgyz now live a settled life in villages for most of the year, there are still a number of Berkutchi who keep the traditions alive.
There will be demonstrations of "Falconry", a folklore show, and souvenirs exhibition.
Venue: Bel-Tam on the southern shore of Lake Issyk-Kul lake, near Bokonbaevo village
Date: August 18, Saturday

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