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Cultural tours

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Cultural tours

We invite you to discover Kyrgyz culture.

The tour may include the acquainting of national music, theatrical productions, paintings, handicrafts, traditional lifestyle and the Kyrgyz way of life.

Traditional Kyrgyz life.
In this regard, you can discover the Kyrgyz way of life in its towns and villages, Kyrgyz people living according to the old farming traditions and even many people leading the ancient nomadic lifestyle.
We give you an opportunity to visit and take part in authentic events in the life of a Kyrgyz person. These include:

Tusho-Kesyuyu basis which is the tradition of cutting rope on the legs of   one year old baby who has only just started to walk.  It symbolises that the baby will continue to stand strongly on its feet. This ceremony is preceded by a great feast and competition for the right to enjoy the honour to cut the rope.

Beshik-toy celebrations based on the tradition of first diaper baby. This ceremony has existed since ancient times. The ceremony involves numerous relatives, guests and Mullah. 

Yuylonu-toy, an ancient weddding ceremony kept to the present time in  its original form. The procedure consists of multiple phases can last for a few months. After the Nike-Toyu phase a couple are officially considered husband and wife, similar to the Christian wedding ceremony. This ceremony is preceded by Achu-Basar, the tradition of meeting the relatives of a newly-wed couple. Then the Yuylonu-toy stage passes through several stages and ends with the ceremony of Othko-Kirgizyuyu. Each member of the family of a newly-wed couple honours them by inviting them home.

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